Monday, September 1, 2014

Updated iOS Compatible Audio Interfaces List

Updated with new devices and categorized.

Compact interfaces, rack mounted, docks, USB microphones, guitar adapters and other compatible audio devices.

iOS Compatible Audio Interfaces

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Audio Mastering 2.7 has been released!

The first fully functional audio mastering application with professional quality delivers an unprecedented level of clarity, punch and warmth to your mix. Precise control of all parameters and highest quality audio processing, the most important part of any mastering, is the base of this application.

[ More about Audio Mastering for iPad ]

What's new in this version:

- Supports 96 kHz / 32 bit audio processing.
- Supports Audiobus 2.x in Input, Effect and Output slots.
- Added Audiobus "State Saving" feature.
- New Stereo Imaging process options.
- New color schemes.
- Built-in description updated.
- Minor bug fixes.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Audio Mastering 2.7 submitted for review

The first application for iPad with 96 kHz internal and external processing truly provides professional audio quality when finalizing your mix. You can use Audio Mastering for processing audio files and as final sound processor for your mixing console (with external audio interface).

Also in this free update - supports Audiobus 2.x, added "State Saving" feature, new Stereo Imaging options, new color schemes and updated built-in description.

Coming soon!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

AltiSpace - Convolution Reverb

Download (App Store)

The realistic sound of famous reverb gears for your iPad and iPhone!

Includes a large built-in library of the highest quality reverb impulses taken from actual devices and the possibility to upload your own reverb space impulses. Intuitive and compact user interface for maximum ease and efficiency.

Use this application together with Inter-App Audio hosts (like a DAW, Recorders or Audio file managers) or with Audiobus for adding studio quality reverberation effects to the sound of other music applications or pre-recorded tracks.

AltiSpace can also be used with external audio interfaces for real-time sound processing. Suitable for live performance or in the studio together with other equipment.

See detailed overview and how to work with AltiSpace (Music App Blog)

iPad Screenshot:

iPhone screenshots:

What is the convolution reverb?

Briefly, convolution reverb is based on a process that digitally 'captures' the reverb characteristics of another reverb effects unit or the reverb response of a real acoustic space. It is based on the mathematical convolution operation, and uses a pre-recorded audio sample of the impulse response of the device or space being modeled. The process of convolution multiplies each sample of the audio to be processed (reverberated) with the samples in the impulse response file.

See more about convolution process (Wikipedia)
See more about principle of convolution reverbs (Wikipedia)

Main features:

  • More than 200 samples of factory presets from different devices.
  • High-quality and fast convolution algorithm with 64 bit operations.
  • Wide range of reverberation types such as plates, springs, halls, rooms, etc.
  • Preset hotkeys with possibility to save current sample and all its parameters.
  • Convenient choice sample by device name, by reverb type or in complete list.
  • All processing parameters are stored for each sample.
  • Pre / post parametric equalizer with cut-off filters.
  • Possibility to construct the envelope (like ADSR) for device sample.
  • Adjusting stereo width and modulation for reverb output.
  • Additional mode 'reverb only output' for use with mixing consoles.
  • Possibility to upload additional samples in different audio formats.
  • Uploading samples thru Web access, audio clipboard, from another app and iTunes.
  • Detailed application description with an overview of famous reverb equipment.
  • Different color schemes available for the user interface.


  • Inter-App Audio compatible.
  • Supports Audiobus in Effect, Input and Output slots.

Requirements: Third generation of iPad or fifth generation of iPhone and higher is recommended (especially with Inter-App audio and Audiobus).

See also list of iOS compatible audio interfaces
See also the most famous reverb gears (overview)

Video demo:

Processing demo:

Famous L480 Large Hall:

EMT140 Reverberation Unit (first plate reverb):

SPX90 Gate Reverb (Preset 16):

ADR68k Nice Chamber:

DN780 Medium Hall:

Famous guitar spring:

Friday, July 18, 2014

AltiSpace - Very detailed review

Very detailed review of AltiSpace with features description and with additional info about different reverbs.

AltiSpace review – new convolution reverb app

I recommend this article to familiar with general features of AltiSpace and know more how to use this app.